Letter to my high school`s 2021 student body

College of the Immaculate Conception (St. Mary`s College, Trinidad) ‘ Class of 1983

I have never formally and publicly thanked St. Mary`s College (CIC), for a world-class education and for introducing me to the most supportive band of brothers I could ever have hoped for. Even after saying farewell in 1983 to #75 Frederick St, this loyal group of friends has travelled with me throughout my life journey. So, thank you CIC for seven exceptional and transformational years!

Develop a Growth Mind Set

An elite ballet company selects its company members as follows: The ballet master first observes the eager dancers as they perform their solos, then offers critiques and asks them to perform again. Only those who show the most improvement after the critique are selected to join the company, and these may not necessarily be the best dancers. The ballet master wants dancers who respond best to feedback, i.e., who have a growth mindset.

Seek out mentors

Mentors not only teach us things; they can also help us avoid making the same mistakes they made. It is amazing how willing most people are to be mentors. I have been very fortunate to have had a lot of great mentors and bosses over the years who have, perhaps unconsciously, steered my career to where it is today by telling me anecdotes of their personal career journeys which invariably impact the decisions I make.

What doesn’t get measured doesn`t get managed

A year ago, COVID-19 was thrust upon an unprepared global population, changing our day to day lives almost beyond recognition. Interestingly, it has also presented us with the opportunity to realize what we truly cherish and the time to invest in our personal growth. In my own life, as math has always been an easy path of thought for me, I made an extraordinary effort to read renowned authors to diversify my number-centric way of thinking.

And now for something completely different…