It’s not a surprise that a writer lives in many of us — even actuaries. Sometimes, we just have to take a leap of faith and put that first word on paper. Free the writer!

Aside from his work as president of RGA Brazil and his volunteer activities, Ronald Poon-Affat, FSA, CFA, FIA, MAAA, is the writer known as the “actuary out of the box.” In this Q&A, he shares what it takes to get your writing out into the world.

The original article, “Actuary out of the Box,” was first published in The Actuary, June 2021, Society of Actuaries…

Don`t know much about a science book

If there`s one thing that COVID-19 has clarified.. it`s that most people don`t understand probability theory. What do you think sells more? Lottery tickets or Life Insurance policies? Would you believe that an experienced, well trained life insurance agent sells `on average` 32 individual life insurance policies… per year. Yep, a a game of chance that offers really long odds beats hands down an insurance service whose pay-out is a sure thing.

I need to make a confession, I belong to a group of individuals called `the no lock people` (NY Times) . This basically means that I don`t lock…

College of the Immaculate Conception (St. Mary`s College, Trinidad) ‘ Class of 1983

I have never formally and publicly thanked St. Mary`s College (CIC), for a world-class education and for introducing me to the most supportive band of brothers I could ever have hoped for. Even after saying farewell in 1983 to #75 Frederick St, this loyal group of friends has travelled with me throughout my life journey. So, thank you CIC for seven exceptional and transformational years!

Thank you as well for inviting me to share some of my thoughts and ideas that might be of interest to the present student body.

Develop a Growth Mind Set

An elite ballet company selects its company members as follows…

Executive summary

I still consider myself to be still at the very start of my rubik cube journey. My PB is 32.618 secs and my best Ao5 is 42.083 seconds(average of 5 solves .. but I`m not consistent…… as yet. Happy Cubing!!!

The article discusses

  1. Sites that clearly set out how to solve beginners method. First site that taught me is YouTube (and a speedcube) will make you faster.
  2. Videos with shortcuts for beginners` method. You can get under 40 secs with this method.. but it aint` pretty.
  3. 2 look PLL & OLL my references are set out here (step one…

Would you want to know if your colleagues view you as incompetent?

A recent study by Tali Sharot, Professor at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University College London (UCL) asked, Would you want to know if your colleagues view you as incompetent? .. the result was 55% wanted to know if their colleagues had a negative opinion of them. When the same group was asked the opposite question.. Would you want to know if your colleagues view you as competent?.. the answer was 80% wanted to know if their colleagues had a positive opinion of them.

Intuitively the result that more people prefer to know if they are judged as competent (80%)…

Some interesting features not often covered by other references include…

Two dimensional analysis of 2 key statistics. Chart usefully defines a RED ZONE

Figure 4 , page 8

I read the news today.. oh boy!

COVID-19 has been ravaging various communities in so many ways. Other than the obvious risk factors (gender, age, co-morbidities), the cable news talking heads are hypothesizing about the higher incidence rates for certain groups; referring to ‘returning skiers` (lots of patient zeros have been linked to European Ski resorts), race (African Americans and Latinos) and even certain religious groups (e.g. ultra-orthodox Judaism).

I would like to suggest another factor, which is the value that different cultures place on freedom. Some examples;

· The Chinese people are either fearful and/or naturally obedient of their…

How come you never learned the golden rule
Don’t talk to strange men, don’t be a fool
I’m hearing stories, I don’t think that’s cool

Rick Springfield..Don’t talk to strangers (1982)

Yes rocking Rick Springfield may have issued a stern warning about the big bad wolf but Malcolm Gladwell`s latest book `Talking to Strangers` (2019) has been able to join the dots observing a pattern of recurring events. Malcolm suggests a correlation based on a series of unfortunate consequences that initiates with the meeting of….strangers.

Who`s the worst British Prime Minister in modern times?

Right now the first name that pops into everyone`s mind is probably David Cameron. During…

These are my `go to` sites to deliver updated health ecosystem presentations, these include.

Author`s `go to` sites to prepare presentations on Brazilian Insurtech ecosystem

McKinsey`s 2nd digital report is set out within this site (april 2020)

McKinsey`s 1st digital report was a lot more comprehensive (2019)

188 new Fintech startups have been launched in Brazil in the past 18 months, positioning the country as the largest Fintech hub in Latin America driven by a strong growth in the segments Digital Banking, Trading & Capital Markets, Lending and Insurance

Geographical split..Latin America is only 2.7% of the world!! There is no specific separation of Brazil..

Report on Fintech in Latin America 2018: Growth and Consolidation

Actuary out of the Box

And now for something completely different…

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